“Strong Coffee”

I start every morning with coffee. Two out of three days I start my morning having coffee with my wife and kids. It is in those first few minutes of the day I get to look around and see how much I have been blessed with. It’s a lot. At times, a real handful.

But full hands are better than empty.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered coffee? You get it set up perfect. Take maybe two sips, and then the waitress comes and refills it. There is no way to get that cup back to the perfection you just had. You basically have to start all over.

But for a split second. There was bliss.

Shoot. I’m off topic. Or am I? 

You have coffee and a donut. The coffee is made up perfect. Then you take a bite of the donut.


The coffee is bitter now. What happened? You know before the donut the coffee was great. It should still be great. How could something as perfect as a donut ruin the coffee?

We’ll come back to this.


My wife is great. Absolutely everything I could ever need in another person.

Our children? Beautiful. I could never have dreamed to have the life I have, honestly.

As of today, I am well. The only thing I ever seek before my wife is God.


But yet, almost inevitably, something comes along. Almost sneaks in.

For some guys it’s another woman, for some it’s the job in general, friendships, the guys, alcohol, drugs, even just chasing material things.

It sneaks in and hits that one taste bud; the one coffee previously didn’t hit.

I’ve talked to guys who sought after another woman because their wife of many years just wasn’t hitting that one small area and it BLOWS MY MIND.

I’ve seen men spend 6/7 full days at work to “get that money” and blow it on down right stupid things (now don’t get me wrong if you need to provide, then PROVIDE). But deep down know that you need to provide your presence in the home as well. A father is invaluable.

We have all seen the staggering addiction statistics that plague our occupation. “The trauma leads them there,” I’d like to say I get it. But, I think it is a patch on a sinking ship.

These guys, myself included, may have 99.9% of everything they could ever want. But somewhere there is a metaphorical donut, and once you taste it, your “coffee” isn’t going to taste the same.

But wait.

Did the coffee go bad in that split second? Did your taste buds change FOREVER?

No. The answer is no.

Guys (and girls) are leaving their families to chase that .1% because they think it will satisfy them. Their coffee is no longer what they want because for a minute or two it seems bitter.

But it’s just as sweet as when you started. You are chasing a myth based on a momentary experience.

If you have 99.9% at home and you leave it for the .1%, then all you have is .1%.

You have dry donuts and no coffee.

Brothers. Cherish what you have in front of you and see it for what it truly is. Not for what you perceive in one moment.

Proverbs 14:30 

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Matthew 6:33

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.