Space Force Fire Launches on Facebook

Everyone is asking, What is Space Force Fire?

The creators, who wish to remain anonymous stating “it’s all about the Space Force Fire Members, not us,” continues adding that Space Force Fire(SFFR) is not only hilarious, kooky, and an all-around blast, but also an opportunity for people to escape the reality of earth-based firefighting and widen the lens of what might be possible.  The head of Space Force Fire Facebook Page said: “we’re a regular bunch of firefighters having a good time and inviting everyone to be a part of the largest semi-organized, virtual fire department in space…bahaha Just kidding, this entire thing is a ridiculously good time and we’re having blast. We’re building the largest Space-based Fire department in the galaxy, prove we’re not out there.” Politics aside, SFFR is excited about a Space Force and claims where ever there is a Force there is Firefighters serving that Force. “We’d like to think we’re progressively ahead of our time.” the creator says.

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of jokes, laughter, quips, photoshop, follower submissions, and participation. As I write this, Space Force Fire might actually be my favorite page on facebook today.  Never in my lifetime did I ever think an actual Space Force was a possibility. The idea itself sparks the imagination of a Space Army, Soldiers, Space Ships, Planet living and so on. It’s seriously just awesome.

SFFR member Brendan D.

A Space Force Team member stated: “we’ve basically taken two things that are awesome on their own and smashed them together into an unstoppable force, a space force…. errr… fire department, Space Force Fire Rescue (SFFR). The SFFR is whatever we make it and judging by everyone stepping up, we’re going to make this the best and most relevant fire department in space.”

Well, whatever SFFR is, the nerd in me is ecstatic and the firefighter in me is thoroughly amused. We can’t enough of what’s going to happen next.

You can visit their facebook page here.
Grab one of a handful of Space Force Fire Shirts or stickers here.
And Taylors Tin’s is offering a Space Force Fire Helmet Shield & Keychain (here)

The group says they have more awesome stuff on the way and in the works but only because their followers keep asking for it.

We’re excited to see what else Space Force Fire has in store. I know I’m getting a solid laugh.

 On a serious note:

The United States Air Force has had a Space Command since 1982 during the start of Reagan’s Star Wars Program. The program’s design was to strengthen our space defense technology and develop an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Defense shield. It’s taken us almost 40 years to finally shoot a missile with another missile in space. A successful intercept was broadcast last year. (here) An incredibly challenging feat. But I never thought I’d live to see the day where we’d branch off into a Space Force. It’s kinda awesome.

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