Set The Right Example For Others Without Having To Pretend That Everything Is Ok When Its Not

If you’re excited to set the right example for others, then this trick holds the keys you need to succeed.

#1 Role Models Trick: Being A Positive Role Model

Here’s what you need to understand about this: there is a simple way to stay positive and be an influential role model to others. I just attended a recent conference, and the closing speaker was the one and only Tony Robbins. The energy and mind shift this man brought to the event was amazing. It was a treat for me because I have always wanted to see Tony perform. The big ‘aha’ for me was when Tony was talking about how we change our state of mind with two actionable items. The items are our physiology (our body) and our focus.

This comes down to the fact that you will be able to shift your current mood within a few moments. You cannot be a positive influence on others when you are losing your cool every day.

This is key for anyone because How many times has a rumor, email, new directive, or change in operations made you enraged? How much time have you wasted being upset over something you had no control over?.

So now you need to do two things when you find yourself getting frustrated or upset.

The first one is to change your physiology (body). We do this by getting our heart rate up with some type of physical exertion. Do some burpees or double-unders. Grab a high rise pack and sprint up some stairs. Get excited and give a hug to someone you are close with. These actions release happy hormones.

Now the second action to take is to focus on something else. Anything else, just make sure it is something you appreciate. Think about how your job is to help people on their worst day. Think about how every little kid looks up to you like you’re a superhero. Just change what you are focusing on. You’re not ignoring the item that upset you; you are just choosing not to sit and fester about it. All this does is make you miserable. I for one am tired of wasting any of my time being miserable.

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