Legos and Rescue

Rescue’s take a certain type of fireman, they’re often the methodical thinkers that can solve any problem. These firemen think ahead, WAY ahead. They are planning on what to do when plan-C and D don’t work. But are they a particular breed or are they just simple thinkers?

As I tried to fall asleep one night, it dawned on me that I had to re-assemble my three-year-old son’s “Volcano Truck “ for his show and tell the next day. Assembly should not be a problem, however, the day before, I had thrown away the directions. So all I had to work off of was previous knowledge and a picture I found on the box. Without a hitch, we put it back together, just like it was from the packaging. This happened because my son pointed out a few things that he had remembered that I didn’t. See our minds work differently. He saw the big picture or the finished product and all I saw was the little details.

My son and I are a team, much like my crew and I. At some point, one of the guys on my crew has ‘seen this before’ or done a certain thing, and it worked, which is great when we can all accept that our idea isn’t the best way. These guys have over 100+ years on, they have seen the truck built a time or two and know which way is the best to reassemble after it’s broken. Our minds work differently too; they’re scanning the brain thinking where have I seen this before. Me on the other hand, I am looking at the big picture.

Through all their experience and knowledge, while I don’t deny them the classification as a special breed because they most certainly are. I think they’re just simple thinkers and apply the knowledge of 100+ years. Rarely are they ever wrong, you know why? When they find out something works, they remember it, BUT more importantly, when something doesn’t work they never forget it.

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I started my fire service career with the Aberdeen Fire Dept. in August of 2005, where I am currently a Fire Captain. In December of 2008 I started at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department, where I am currently a Lieutenant. I am married to my wife Christina and we have an amazing son Jackson.