Our First Impression of the IRON FOX AXE

We have had our Iron Fox Flat Head Axe for about a week now. We love this axe for two main reasons so far. This axe is engineered perfectly to marry up with a pro bar so it makes it much easier for one person to carry. The weight and balance of the axe is great and does not require any changing of how you would normally carry any other hand tools. We will continue to train with this new axe and let you know how well it performs. Read what IRON FOX has to say below.

The Flat Head by IRON FOX AXES

“The blade of the Breach Axe is engineered to be extremely destructive and will damage anything you strike with it. When we created the flat head Breach Axe we took steps to maintain the same properties that gave the pick head Breach Axe its superior performance, feel, balance, and weight. We took the material originally used in the pick and added it to the rear of the axe, increasing the mass of the striking area. This made the weight and balance identical to the pick head.” – IRON FOX AXES

“In addition to adding stock to the rear and making the flat surface wider, we added a slight radius to the back of the axe. This radius improves the angle of impact and helps you strike your target more squarely. This reduces the chance of deflection and virtually eliminates feedback into the handle. We added a groove that allows halligan tool forks to marry to the head. A raised notch in the groove makes for a friction fit between the forks, eliminating the need to tether or strap irons together. This allows one to carry a set of irons in one hand and easily separate them when ready to force entry.” – IRON FOX AXES

My thoughts on the Iron Fox Axe (Shane Metcalfe)

Recently when the owner of Leatherhead Mafia asked me to demo a new type of Fire Axe he had received, I was curious how it would be any different from many of the variations currently in the Fire Service Market.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this tool is definitely made to work! I’m impressed with several factors:

  1. The Axe is weighted properly. Many Fire Service Axes I come across are in 6lb capacity. In my opinion, if you are going to use a Flat Head Axe to strike in tandem with a Halligan in a Forcible Entry situation or to cut/smash in a Ventilation scenario, I want the heavier tool
  2. The Halligan Notch. Any tool that is manufactured in 2020 and is to be used in tandem with a Halligan that isn’t notched to receive a Halligan is a waste of time in my opinion. The notch on the Iron Fox marries perfectly with my Halligan.
  3. Lastly the “Wedged Blade”. What is most unique/advantageous about the Iron Fox is the Wedge Blade which is much thicker than on a standard chopping or Fire Axe. When we used the Axe in testing, we chopped through solid wood doors, steel doors and even masonry such as brick. In every test the Iron Fox pulverized the material and created a massive hole whereas a standard Fire Axe more often than not just became stuck in place.

Like many of us across North America (and across the world I’m sure) we are constantly running short staffed at my firehouse. We are often responding to fires with a three man engine vs. the optimal four man company. This creates a situation where every single member is extremely valuable and must be able to complete tasks most often reserved for two members. The Iron Fox is a force multiplier, it lets a single firefighter create a whole hell of a lot of damage via forcible entry, ventilation or breaching and breaking. I’m excited that we are carrying this tool and hope you give it a try too.

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