Game time decisions set you up for failure

Game time decisions set you up for failure.

When I started in the fire service it was with a small volunteer department that ran about 200 calls. The horn would blow as the pager went off and we would all respond to the firehouse and haphazardly jump on the rig. Enroute to the call we would talk about who would grab what equipment when we arrived on scene. As we approached, the officer would radio the chief and ask, “what’s your pleasure?” Looking back did anyone of us have a plan?
Through experience and growth, I have realized not having assigned riding positions with dedicated tool assignments is detrimental to efficient fire ground operations. It also prohibits proper mental preparation while en route to the emergency scene
So how do we go about influencing change in our organizations? I’ll answer that with the question of “what do we have to lose?”
Positions should be based upon personnel responding, and the type of buildings we are responding to, not made in the apparatus as we are responding. Implementing these SOG’s/SOP’s might be taxing in the beginning, but change is never easy. The results of an effective crew upon arrival are well worth the investments of change within an organization. “When we fail to prepare we prepare to fail.”


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