Fox Fire Product Review

   We were given the opportunity to review Fox Fire’s Helmet Band and Tetrahedrons. The very first thing we’d like to say is…these things are SUPER bright! We gave the illuminating helmet band and illuminating tetrahedrons to a friend of ours who put them in service on his duty helmet. We allowed him time to fully get a feel for the products and report his findings.  He gave us a spectacular review and we wanted to share it with you!

Fox Fire Helmet Band 1

   Let’s jump into the Helmet Band first. The Fox Fire Illuminating Helmet Band is one of the thickest we have seen on the market. With this helmet band being thick and tall we have not experienced any issues with it holding door a chalk, lights, or anything else your heart desires. This Helmet Band is not only super efficient in holding your helmet decorations, but it is amazingly bright! You could almost use this Helmet Band to land to mark a helicopter landing zone at night. (Don’t try it though, because that is a terrible idea). This Helmet Band will illuminate for hours even in the darkest conditions. While wearing this Helmet Band our colleague received multiple compliments about how bright his helmet was inside darkened structures. Even when the Helmet Band was in the rig on the overnight and not exposed to many light sources it still performed well. Although we didn’t put this helmet band to any heat tests we do know many friends who have worn a Fox Fire helmet band for years and they’ve never reported nor seen any issues with these bands having any problems with heat or fire. 

Fox fire tets 2

Moving onto the Illuminated Fox Fire Tetrahedrons. Just like the For Fire helmet band, these are incredibly bright. There are many companies out there who sell tetrahedrons but the Fox Fire Tetrahedron is PURE quality as other tetrahedrons you can buy on eBay are disappointing as you hold them.  The material used to produce the tetrahedron is thick and the logo is pronounced making these tetrahedrons one of the best we can find.  They are sturdy and adhere to the helmet very well. These tetrahedrons can be bought separately or as a set of eight. We would not hesitate to recommend these to any of our friends and followers and we already have! In fact, we’re planning an order for ourselves. They have an entire host of items from radio straps to illuminating signs and helmet rank. This is a Firefighter owned company and we couldn’t be more excited to recommend their stuff.

You can find these products at the Fox Fire Website

Product Review was written by Matthew Aman

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Leatherhead Mafia was not influenced by any financial incentive for this product review. The products were given to a 3rd party to test out and we received an open and honest review from the user. We dislike nothing more than dis-honest bought and paid for product reviews. We don’t do that and we don’t ever plan to.