Fix your Recruitment. Heads up Volunteer Departments!

I was searching fire jobs last week, just to keep tabs on what’s happening in the fire world and I came across It was a neat website to look for jobs and then I found out it was made by the same people who made, which by the way, helped me prep for my EMT re-cert test but after speaking with its creator Firefighter Mark Starzecki it was only then I discovered its actual super-power…Recruitment and application management.

911Recruiter has an easy-to-use and powerful recruitment tool to help you gather a prospective candidate list and pertinent application information. Not only is a powerful tool but it’s also dirt cheap for volunteer fire departments so they can have access to useful tools that help them take applications from volunteer candidates faster, easier, and better.

It’s widely reported that volunteer recruitment numbers are down to dangerous levels all over the country. One very important strategy for fixing that is removing the barriers for people to actually be a volunteer. does just that. Allowing prospective candidates to scan a QR code or click a link, and apply straight from their phone creates a portal from the candidate’s cellphone straight to the Chief’s office.

You can also boost your recruitment power with their $59 package providing you with an hour of social media optimization and monitoring campaigns and actual recruitment assistance. also has other services for paid departments with an applicant-fee based plan.

Face it, it’s probably well past time to graduate to a recruitment tool that actually makes it easier for people to apply and better for departments to organize their candidate list. Check out

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Jon Marr is a 16-year fire service veteran originally from the Rhode Island area. Jon is a Station Captain with the Area Support Group Kuwait Fire Department where he has been employed as a Fire Officer for the last 7-years. Prior to Kuwait, Jon worked as a Fire Lieutenant in Baghdad as well as 3 years with the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Fire Department in support of the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command and 3 years working for AMR Seattle. Jon is a certified Fire Officer III, Fire Instructor II, Haz-Mat Tech/IC, holds a Bachelors degree in Fire Administration from Waldorf College and has been an EMT-B for 15 years. He is married with a 4 year-old son. Jon is a firm believer in maintaining a healthy balance of pride, tradition, and safety within the fire service.