Firefighting Fathers and HIIT


I was first introduced to the concept of HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) in recruit school.  The basic premise being short bursts of the craziest most intense work you have ever done followed by even shorter “rest” periods. 


I’m sorry if I offend anyone by my ridiculously short definition of this exercise technique but I was more offended by the ridiculously short rest period between burpees; so let’s call it even. 


I remember the mind frame that came with doing HIIT workouts though. 


“If I can make it through this set. There will be a break. I’m over the hill only X amount of sets left and just as many breaks. I can do this.” 


Since leaving recruit school my workouts have been a lot more my pace but it seems the HIIT mentality never really left me. 


You see, I did what most firemen do when starting off. Recruit school was merely a spark and I was heavy into my growth phase by the point of graduation. I told my family and myself the same line over and over. 


After this will it will be smooth sailing. If I can JUST make it through ONE MORE SET. 


One more class and things will get easier.


One more cert and I won’t need to work so hard.


One more degree. 


One more OT shift.


One more test. 


One more meeting. 


One more shift trade.


One more off duty fire.

I thought the breaks for the workout were too short, but looking back at the last five years I can’t believe it. I don’t think I have taken a legitimate break since I started! 

Brothers listen to me and listen well. If you do not take a break you WILL NOT recover. 

Not only will you not recover but as you push through you are borrowing from… 


NO wait. 


You are stealing from your family.  


Flashback to when you raised your hand and took that oath, did they? Or are they on this ride because you signed them up. 

Are they on this ride because I signed them up… 

The truth is the next cert will always be there, that class will happen again, the OT will get filled. The fire service got along fine before you and will continue on just fine the day you leave. 

There will come a day where nobody on the truck knew you, just of you; and then one day not at all. The bells will ring and the trucks will roll on just like they always do. BUT if you continue to steal from your family you will wake up one day alone. Take the time today and invest in them. Show your children who you are and you will LOVE who they become. Spend time and GROW with you wife or you will wake up and realize that you have grown apart.

You may have signed yourself up for the job of firefighter but if you are reading this today than somewhere along the line you were promoted to the rank of FATHER. 


Even THE Father took a break from work, you can too. 


Go hug your kids. 


(Disclaimer I am not hating on HIIT near as much as I would like you to think. Merely drawing a relation. I still do HIIT but my rest periods are roughly 6 months) 


Gen 2:2


2 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.