Many years ago my dad and I were having a discussion about something, somehow as it normally does the conversation ended up off topic. Some how we went from tactics to brotherhood and standing up for your brothers and never backing down. He said one of the most heartfelt things I’ve ever heard him say that day, ” I don’t care if someone I absolutely couldn’t stand went down, I’d do anything and everything I could to get them out”. Which doesn’t surprise me at all really, I mean my dad is one of the most persistent people I know. I thank him for passing that trait onto me, it’s very hard for me to give up.

Persistence often pays off, many times it causes you much heartache and suffering along the way. Think of how many times you applied to get a career job, how long it took you to learn a specific knot or even complete a project due to mistakes or just plain ol’ Murphy’s law. Don’t focus on how aggravated or mad you get along the way, fight for that euphoric feeling of accomplishment and pride. I often will say don’t let it beat you, you can do this if something is beating me. That way when I’m done, I feel absolutely enthralled by accomplishing that task that was winning. I beat it, it didn’t win…it never wins.

All through my career I always retained things the best when something would absolutely whoop my ass, it’s almost like I enjoyed it. Persistence always paid off because I was taught to never leave a task unfinished, I would always tell my old Captain after he asked me to do something “whatever it takes Cap”. He would always grin and tell me I know little buddy, part of me thought he just liked hearing me say it. But it was like a motivator for him, me too I guess. I would always do whatever it took to complete the task, my worst fear in life is letting people down, let alone someone I trust and respect.

The algebra problem that is the title is one that will stick with me, a chief told me it once. He said all fires go out, of course, I said eventually… nope B+W=FO. Balls + Water = Fire out. You just gotta have the right equipment and enough persistence, the fire will go out. Be persistent, don’t give up…don’t let anything win, always come out on top.

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I started my fire service career with the Aberdeen Fire Dept. in August of 2005, where I am currently a Fire Captain. In December of 2008 I started at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department, where I am currently a Lieutenant. I am married to my wife Christina and we have an amazing son Jackson.