Be a Solution, Not a Problem

As with my last article, I would like to apologize up-front if anything that is said offends anyone. I don’t honestly care, but you never know these days. I am simply speaking honestly and passionately about a subject that is near and dear to me. If you are offended, you more than likely are part of the problem.

It’s that time of year again. Everyone starts the “New year, new me” speeches, buys a gym membership and loads up on supplements. People buy treadmills for their home and a used 2002 “Flex Strong Awesome Arms Home Gym” to throw in their basement. What happens about mid-February? 7/8 of those people go from “New year, new me” to “New year, same me”, and by June, they’re about 30 pounds heavier because they spent their entire winter in hibernation-mode and all the equipment they bought collects dust. Their gym membership? That’s now used to cut pizza.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are fat or weak, and you’re ACTUALLY doing something about it; hitting the gym CONSISTENTLY, doing cardio CONSISTENTLY, and dieting correctly, KEEP GOING. You are part of the SOLUTION. More than just me are proud and supporting you. Talk to your brothers and sisters about it. Get them to join you, and don’t give up.



BUT, if you are one of the fat sacks that want to see how deep of a crater your ass can make in the recliner, mocking the one who dedicates a simple hour a day to better themselves physically, or smirk at a healthy meal, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU are the problem with the fire service, the police department, the ambulance agencies and the military. YOU are the reason so many of your brothers and sisters have the same disgusting mentality as you. YOU are a contagion, and you need to change your mentality NOW. Not tomorrow, or next week, or next month. You need to change now.

Too many Line of Duty Deaths are contributed to bad health, heart attacks or stress. This year, as of December 28th, there have been 55 medical related LODD’s. Out of 93. That is 59 percent. Do you want to be a statistic in the years to come? That’s what I thought.

Being a firefighter for ten years, and in the military for eight, I get to see my fair share of people. With those people comes one of three mentalities; They are fitness oriented, healthy, and willing to help others that want to be helped. They could care less about fitness and are worried more about dessert, claiming their recliner, and have a contagious attitude.
The on-again-off-again person. They get bit by the fitness bug and are dedicated…..for a month or two. Then miss being lazy and go back to that, then get into fitness again. It is a continuous cycle that is seen most often in the emergency services.
When it gets to military laziness and obesity, the Veterans can attest, there is a growing number of obese troops, who conveniently get “hurt”, and I do use that term very lightly, a day or two before their PT test. Which, in my eyes, is an insult to your service, your country, and a violation of your core values. If you joined the military to serve your country, to protect those you love and the values this amazing country is built on, you can do some pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups and run. You will find a way. And those of us that joined, for this reason, are rarely the ones looking for reasons to get out of a simple physical standards test. If you joined so you can get discounts and free college, and absolutely hate that you’re required to be physically fit to do the rigorous tasks demanded of us, you need to get the hell out and apply to a call center instead. You are a disease that needs to be terminated before you infect those around you who actually care.

In conclusion, whether you are a senior man or a rookie, a firefighter or a cop, an Airman or a Marine, you will always have one of two choices in the worlds you serve in; be a problem, or be a solution. Die young from a massive heart attack, or live a long healthy life. Become one of the bariatric patients you always complain about or be one of the people others want to be. Pick up the donuts, or take five minutes and make a healthy meal. Throw your ass in a recliner for five hours, or do a solid workout. Be un-motivated, or be the one who motivates.

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